Welcome to our schedule!  You're just one click away from getting your sweat on.  Class times are always current and updated live on this site - even holiday hours. Click on any class to see a class description.

Please note:

All classes are drop in.

If you have a package on your account please feel free to sign in online and plan your yoga week. Sign up ends an hour before class start time and cancelling out of a class ends 10 min prior to class start time. . If signing in online you MUST be here at least 10 minutes before class otherwise your spot will be given away. It is also your responsibility to cancel yourself out of your class if you're not able to make it. Failure to do so results in online sign in privileges are taken away for 1 month. 

Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to class times, because nothing is worse than rushing to get to yoga and being locked out. 

For the integrity of the class latecomers are not permitted...seriously we're not joking!

Karma Class Note: Due to the popularity of our Karma classes we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the class.
Click here for a list of what to bring.